Improve Writing Skills through Essay Writing

So you love writing?


This is a sign of intelligence and creativity. It means that you love to be productive, in terms of literature or writing. You like to bring your ideas on the paper and pen down your thoughts. These thoughts may be in any form, a poem, a story, a blog, or even an essay. Writing makes you happier and helps you communicate your ideas and thoughts in a better way. However, all the people are not that much blessed with writing. They may feel a little hesitant before holding the pen or grabbing a laptop to write. This reluctance may be due to multiple issues, like weak grammar, spelling issues, or non-grip on the sentence structure. This also reduces the self-confidence and self-esteem of the student or essay writer, which further deteriorates the writing process. One of the most popular and rather easiest ways to improve your writing skills is essay writing. Just follow these simple tips and tricks while writing any story, article, or discussion and essay, and you can also create a masterpiece.

Type of Essay

The first and foremost thing that you will have to determine is what type of essay you are going to write. There are several ways in which an essay can be written, but there are some major categories in which the essays have been divided for example

Ø Argumentative Essays

Ø Narrative Essay

Ø Expository Essay

Ø Descriptive Essay

Argumentative Essays are also known as persuasive essays. Most of the time, the topic of the essay is self-explanatory and tells what kind of essay it is going to be. For example, an essay about animal rights is going to be an argumentative one, while an essay on any historical topic will be an exploratory or descriptive one. There are a number of websites that provide paper writing service to students from all over the world.

Use a Thesaurus

Vocabulary is a very important factor in writing, no matter what piece of writing you are creating, whether it is an essay, an article, a blog, a poem or a story, the choice of words defines what kind of impact it will have on the mind of the reader. Especially in the case of essay writing, you have to be very careful, and choose the words according to the type of the essay. It is highly recommended that you use a thesaurus or a dictionary to have a wide range of choice of words that you can use according to the topic and type of your essay.

Active Voice

Experts in the area of writing, especially academic writing, suggest their students use active voice while writing, especially in the case of an essay. The usage of the active voice makes the sentence more impressive and meaningful. The impact of an idea or an action conveyed in the active voice is completely different as compared to the impact of an idea conveyed in the passive voice. You can also pay for essay to get your work done. Take an example

  •  I ate the mango. (active voice)
  • The mango was eaten by me. (passive voice)

The difference can be seen clearly, that the sentence is written in an active voice, stand out, and conveys a much stronger meaning as compared to the sentences written in the passive voice.

These small tips can help you greatly in becoming a pro in writing any piece of literature, especially essays. Your classmates, juniors, peers, and even your teachers will love you for your essay writing skills. And if you still think that you are not so good at essay writing, you need not worry.  You have to type “write my essay for me” in Google, and you will get a handful of websites that can either write your complete essay or help you in writing that in one way or another. 

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